What Is A Well Inspection?

Purchasing property is a huge investment.

Just like a home inspection, we recommend a well inspection prior to purchasing a home with a well. To insure that a well is functioning properly, a well inspection will include the following:

Determining The Use And Purpose Of The Well

A well inspection will determine whether the well is domestic (for human consumption), irrigation, or industrial. It will also include an estimate of groundwater usage per day and uncover water quality issues.

Visually Inspecting The Wellhead

This inspection will determine if the wellhead is properly seated.

Visually And Physically Inspecting The Water Well System Components

Inspecting the system components includes testing the pump, checking the valves, and electrical testing.

Visually Inspecting Auxiliary Equipment

Addition l well equipment, such as pressure tanks and storage tanks, will be checked.


The well inspection report is a record of information about the well. It will contain the system specifications observed by the inspector, suggested recommendations for remedial work, and a recommended schedule for future routine inspection, testing, cleaning, and rehabilitation.

Along With A Well Inspection, A Potability Test Should Be Done

This will check the water for Coliform and E-Coli bacteria. Additional testing can be done at the buyers’ request.

What Happens After the Inspection:

Once you receive your inspection report, you might have to make decisions about needed repairs or whether you are still interested in purchasing the property.

The following are options you may have:

  • Ask the seller to make the repairs themselves.
  • Ask for credits toward your closing costs.
  • Ask the seller to reduce the sales price to make up for the repairs.
  • Back out of the transaction (if you have an inspection contingency in place)
  • Move forward with the deal.

Taking the time to test both the quality and quantity of the well water is important when buying a home. More homeowners find out the hard way after purchasing a home having skipped these crucial home inspection tests. Do not make the same mistakes many other buyers have made. Get the well water tested as part of your inspection due diligence!

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